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Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is a science fiction MMORPG released by Funcom and it is set in the years following June 29475, predominantly on the harsh desert world of Rubi-Ka (planet set in a fictional binary star system) and its extra-dimensional twin, the Shadowlands and recently threatened by the dreaded Alien Invasion. A brand new expansion named Lost Eden has just been launched escalating the fight with the aliens and the conflict between the repressing Omni-Tek and the rebel Clans to whole new heights.

It is the first game of this type being based on a universe which is not medieval fantastic. The action is located over thirty thousand years in the future on a fictitious planet named Rubi-Ka. To replace the magic, the unusual capacities of the characters are made possible thanks to the nanotechnology.

The history in which the players take part is based on an enormous company named Omni-Tek having received exclusiveness for the exploitation of the natural resource notum. This substance is necessary to the development of the nanotechnologies.

Some time after having arrived on planet, a good number of colonists, being treated badly, rebel against the company. They then organize a black market of notum stolen with a concurrent company. They start to exclude the personnel from Omni-Teak of the most distant cities and a civil war begins between Omni-Tek, the Clans and a third neutral credit faction.

In spite of many the bugs and the bad press with launching, the servers counted 35000 players before July 4, 2001. Since September 28, 2001, the game is available also in France; this time made it possible to solve the most awkward bugs and the version is sufficiently stable. The game gained besides the title of "Best Multiplayer Game of Show" with the ECTS in September 2001.

Since, extensions of the game were published:
Notum Wars initially was born, the organizations credits, accounts and power-leveling (equivalent to the guilds of other MMORPG) can control the grounds of Rubi-Ka to exploit the notum for their account and thus to improve the characteristics of their characters. That is done via controllers and of turns which attack the enemies directly. This extension is available free since October 27, 2006.

Then Shadowlands which introduces two new classes of character: Shade and Keeper. One finds also new play-grounds (Shadowlands) and in particular the new city of Jobe which lodges Omni-Tek scientists having preferred neutrality.

The last of the extensions to be published is Alien Invasion. As its name implies it, one finds aliens and a whole technology of objects, weapons and armours associated. The organizations can from now on build whole cities to improve their incomes. The players can also have their own stores inside the buildings of the market.

Lost Eden, still under development, should be the fourth extension for Anarchy Online once published. It will make clash the two camps (three by counting the neutrals) in orbiting stations around Rubi-Ka: it will also allow the use of vehicle-arm special, which one knows for the moment that they will be useful in PvP (Player vs Player - credits, accounts and power-leveling against Player), but only against turns or others vehicle-arm; the battles between players alone and players on a vehicle of this kind will thus produce poor results, this in order not to upset balance in PvP

Funcom proposes Anarchy Online, in its initial version (without extension), free until January 15, 2008. On the other hand, the play is strewn with billboards. The company announced on August 2, 2005 besides that it was going to diffuse videos in these advertising screens.

Anarchy on-line one is massively Multiplayer and on-line Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) 30,000 years in the future on the planet the Rubi Ka plays. It was published 2001 by the Norwegian company Funcom AO credits, accounts and power-leveling. Even if release and the first months were not very successful, the play in the course of the time to a popular on-line game of roles redeemed itself. Which was expansion reached not least by regular nose-fixed, content update and at present (2005) Funcom has a special and unique offer in the MMORPG category, it is possible AO until January 2008 to be tested, free of charge at least the Classic variant without the expansion (Notum Wars, Shadowlands, Alien invasion. Since at the end of of 2006 the Notum Wars extension was likewise de-energised for the free accounts). Interested in any case should use this test possibility around a view of the high complexity of the Skill system to attain. The moreover one the play is characterised those by a background history detail-fallen in love very much, partly by descriptions of the articles, discussions with NPCs (non--player characters), so mentioned newsposts in the forum, further articles on the official Website, Ingame Events and a very detailed timeline.

Rubi Ka is a small planet, which exhibits however an important occurrence at Notum. Notum is a substance, which is for the important nano-technology from enormous value.

Rubi Ka was discovered before 1500 years by the hypercorporation Omni Tek. Omni Tek leased and terraformed the planet and began the valuable Notum in mines to diminish. The conditions of work in the mines of Omni Tek of many workers as unworthy one regarded. After Omni Tek refused itself freeing the workers included after a pit misfortune it finally came to the revolt. Since Rubi Ka is in a condition of the conflict with a politically very unstable condition. At present there are on Rubi Ka beside Omni Tek ao credits, accounts and power-leveling still different groups of rebel clan, which are fought against Omni Tek on the sharpest. Besides there is still another third group to remain tried in this conflict neutral.

The play:
In this on-line game thousands of players play game of roles at the same time along and against each other. At the beginning of the play each player provides a play figure, whereby he the selection between four different races and 14 (without Shadowlands expansion: 12) different occupation has. This choice affects the abilities and possibilities of the play figure. At the beginning of his journey the spaceship of the player with its newly created character falls and it appears on a large-scale entering he island, in order to learn by smaller missions the basic principles of the play. Here it decides by the discussions with special Recruite whether it would like itself to attach one of the sides in the conflict or further as a neutral character in the world wants to live and from the conflict keeps out in such a way.

Players are presented with four breeds each with male or female choices, except for the neuter Atrox race. Breeds affect a character's primary abilities, which will affect the distribution of improvement points in the skill system later on. There are four breeds: Atrox, big and strong but not too smart; Nanomage, frail but intellectually developed; Solitus, effective at any task, but excellent in none; and Opifex, physically lacking, but agile and cunning.

After the selection of a breed, players choose from a multitude of faces, their height, and their body size, then select one of 14 professions:

Adventurer A generalist profession, the Adventurer combines a balance of weapons and nanotechnology with a deep understanding of nature, which enables him to morph himself and others into several animal forms conveying various benefits. He is adept with either pistols or one-handed edged weapons, typically wielding a pair of them at once. The Adventurer can serve as a front-line combatant and a secondary healer, with a healing ability second only to Doctors.
Agent The Agent is a ranged combatant who fights with a combination of stealth and disguise. He favors rifles, especially those capable of the high-damage special Aimed Shot attack that can only be used while hidden. Agents are able to temporarily assume the guise of other professions, albeit with significant penalties, and gain use of items and nanoprograms normally exclusive to the imitated class.
Bureaucrat Bureaucrats use nanoprograms to hinder, immobilize, and pacify enemies, either singly or in crowds. They also use nanoprograms to damage foes directly, as well as summon a robotic servant and use mind-control on up to two enemies, all of whom can be ordered to fight on the Bureaucrat's behalf. In a nod to the stereotypical image of bureaucrats, the profession features formal suits, briefcases and Bureaucrat-only coffee machines.
Doctor Doctors are the primary healers in the game. They use a range of nanotechnology to keep characters alive, from maximum health bonuses to continual health-replenishing effects to instantaneous healing. They slow enemies' attacks and whittle them down with damage-over-time nanoprograms.
Enforcer Enforcers are the primary tank profession of Anarchy, front-line combatants with the potential to excel with any melee weapon type. They protect teammates by attracting the attention of nearby enemies onto themselves. They protect themselves through nanotechnology that boosts their health and absorbs damage on their behalf.
Engineer The Engineer creates, augments, repairs and controls fearsome combat robots. Defensively, Engineers provide a variety of shielding effects that reduce damage to their teammates and/or injure the enemies who attacked. Engineers also have an affinity for crafting items. Engineers also have the ability to warp players to the Engineer's current position.
Fixer The Fixer is a master of escape and shady acquisitions. He can greatly boost characters' running speeds and can bring characters into an alternate version of one of the game's global transportation systems one with a significantly greater number of destinations called The Fixer GRID. In combat, a Fixer keeps his foes at a distance both by hindering their movement and by augmenting his own, all the while pelting them with his favorite submachine gun. Fixers also use nanotechnology to become difficult to hit, and what few injuries they do suffer are treated by continual health-replenishing effects.
Keeper The Keeper is the first of two professions introduced in the Shadowlands expansion, and is similar to the fantasy RPG paladin. Keepers have a range of nanoprograms that provide continual benefits to themselves and all nearby teammates (including damage increases, health and nano regeneration, and armour improvements). They prefer to fight in melee combat with two-handed edged weapons.
Martial Artist An offensively-leaning front-line combatant, the Martial Artist eschews weapons in favor of his bare hands, a multitude of special attacks and nanoprograms boosting the chance for critical hits. As a defense, Martial Artists evade most blows and heal the ones that land.
Meta-Physicist Meta-Physicists are exemplified by their trio of individually-controllable pets that they use to attack enemies, pacify enemies, and heal allies, respectively. These pets can be temporarily improved by the Meta-Physicist as well. MPs also use nanoprograms to damage foes directly, weaken and slow enemies' attacks, and greatly increase their allies' nanoprogram skills.
Nano-Technician The Nano-Technician uses nanoprograms to cause damage, either to single targets or to all foes nearby. They also immobilize and pacify single enemies, or blind them so their weapons are less effective. Nano-Technicians also wield the program "Nullity Sphere", which immobilizes them for a small period of time but grants total reflection of all damage except incoming reflection damage from attacking shielded enemies.
Shade The second profession introduced in the Shadowlands expansion, the Shade is this game's version of the fantasy RPG assassin. Shades favor offense heavily over defense. In exchange for an inability to wear most protective gear, they can cause unrivaled damage with their piercing melee weapons. Their strikes may steal health from their victims, or afflict them with further damage over time or other debilitating effects.
Soldier Soldiers are a ranged, front-line combatant favoring assault rifles, heavy weapons, or a pair of high-damage pistols. Much like Enforcers, Soldiers taunt nearby enemies, living through the subsequent attack with the help of nanotechnology that partially reflects some or a majority of that enemy's attacks back at it.
Trader A Trader's defining characteristic is trading taking health, nanoenergy, armor, or all weapon and casting skills from his enemies to improve his own, as well as lending any of these from himself to his allies. Foes that still prove troublesome can be immobilized or pacified. A Trader's weapon of choice is his trusty shotgun. Outside battle, Traders have an affinity for crafting items and for improving other players' abilities to do so. Furthermore Traders may access special Trader shops and sell items for higher prices there.

Starting from there the possibilities are very various, since there are no given goals. One should naturally strive money earn and experiences gain, so that the play does not become boring. For this one can accept either different missions, with which one gets money, articles and points of experience as reward, simply into the wilderness goes out and these from wild animals, mutated hordes from failed experiments and other bad-willing creatures releases or one of the Dungeon visits, in which one can solve mysteries, ao credits, accounts and power-leveling and find special, valuable Items. Naturally one can talk also with its fellow players, accept and with them act common missions.

The play is constantly extended. In the meantime there also an extension set is "Notum Wars" in that it additionally the possibility gives within player organizations of parts of Rubi Ka in possession to take. One has an area for its organization keeps one thereby different Boni on abilities of the play figure conquered. "Shadowlands" leads the players into a kind parallel world, in which new and unknown Items and tasks lure. "in addition Shadowlands" offers two new occupations and extensions in the Skillsystem. Since the extension "Alien invasion" Rubi Ka of a continuous attack of a hostile alien race, which applies to strike back ao credits, accounts and power-leveling it by the players.

Further ones of expansion pack: The Notum Wars (February 2003 appeared)
In The Notum Wars the PvP element of the play one continues to develop. Organizations on Rubi Ka can establish outguards in Notum haltigen areas and defend these with turrets and weapons. The possession of these fields brings substantial advantages with itself, so that violent fights between the oranizations of the play are inflamed.
Shadowlands (Septembers 2003 appeared)
With this extension the playing field was almost doubled. The Shadowlands represents another level only over special portals to reach is. With Shadowlands Fantasy elements were introduced into the ScienceFiction world of Anarchy on-line one.
Alien invasion (Septembers 2004 appeared)
The range of this extension orients itself in approximately to from Notum the Wars. Here the players receive now the possibility of establishing own cities for their organization. These cities are attacked frequently by Aliens, which Rubika threatens. Again once team ability is in demand for the preservation of the own properties.
Lost Eden (Decembers 2006 appeared)
One can participate on Battlestation and PvP fight there deliver.
With the Addon Lost Eden exists now the possibility Alien missions to draw with a Quest giver on the area of the Unicorns on the APF to find is. Similarly as with Shadowlands missions one can select 3 different difficulties.
A research system (similar Perks and ao credits, accounts and power-leveling) was introduced, which into two parts is divided.
On the one hand it gives personal research in that it to 7 possible research rows of 10 attainable research stages.
On the other hand there is the global research to more diverse the whole parliamentary group researches can. Under this category fall for example Mechs, anti- Personnel Turrets and the anti-vehicular battery which a basic version have those first to be in each case investigated must. Afterwards the possibility exists to increase the armament of the respective Mechs by research or increase firepower.
New Items in addition (Nanos, weapons, armors), which one must buy by "Victory POINTS". This Victory POINTS one can be able to be drop by Alien missions to earn itself there in the form of to become lumpy by all aliens, on the other hand in addition, on the Battlestation be earned 1000 Victory POINTS).
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