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KAL Online

KAL-Online (kal is Korean for "sword") is a fantasy MMORPG from Inixsoft, that uses the Lineage II game engine. Originally from South Korea, KAL-Online is currently available in English for free. Players can advance from level 1 to 90. So far, the highest level character has lvl 71 which is on the Hanin server. The highest level on the Naraeha server is 67.

KAL on-line is a Korean MMORPG such as World of Warcraft, Dark Age of Camelot, EverQuest or Ultima on-line one, which use the Lineage II engine. But in contrast to the games specified above the English-language KAL on-line is free. To playing needed, at present about 299 MT large installation file can directly on the manufacturer side be downloaded. The entrance to 3 independent play servers stands for the player openly with the international game client (Hanin, Naraeha and Bango).

Additionally to the international version there is a local operator particularly in Korea. Playing is possible however only with Korean social security number there. A similar project in China was stopped at the beginning of of 2007.

KAL on-line one is in constant advancement, so that in irregular distances extensions are added in the form of new play possibilities or new combat areas.

Play process:
The play principle is quite simply avowed: By killing monsters the player attains points of experience, him makes possible in the level to rise. Thus it can improve its abilities or learn new abilities. Additionally to the fight against monsters there is to fulfill in the first 60 Levels the possibility Quests and thus additional rewards, usually in the form of points of experience, money and Skill POINTS (points for the increase of special abilities), of receiving. Apart from the possibility alone to fight, one can unite together with up to 5 fellow players to a party and level. Won points of experience are divided among the party members. The player has the possibility his own guild to create or a guild already existing follow. This facilitates a finding from Parties for the players to common collecting of points of experience. By steigene number of members and donated points of experience such can ascend a guild also in the level and open further play possibilities. Up to 7 guilds too alliances so mentioned can unite and take place once weekly together in the two-hour fight for the castle to participate. The alliance, it creates its flag on this castle to set or the flag already set defend, becomes owner of lock and receives the tax receipts, which must be retired, if one acquires Items with a NPC. Additionally to this fight for the castle there are still different possibilities for the PVP. The player has to measure the possibility with other players in duels, if both agree. Further exists the possibility of a Guild Camps, which takes place three times weekly and is coincidentally drawn lots to from the announced guilds two opponents. The at present last possibility to measure, is with other players. Such a mask makes possible to be attacked it the players within certain ranges of the KAL on-line world other players and attacked by these. Further PVP possibilities is momentarily in the development.

Player classes:
The player can select on the international server at present between the classes Magier (Mage), elbow contactor (Archer) and knight (Knight). The introduction of further classes was at first by the developers, after present official information is momentarily not however not planned any extension. Each of these classes crosses 2 job changes in the process of the play at present mentioned. The first job change takes place after level 30 and de-energises further abilities. Up to the level 50 the development of each class runs quite linear. The player has to vary only by the choice of his abilities the possibility. The second job change takes place after level 50 and places the player before the choice from 2 completely different occupations. One can say generally that there is in each case the choice from a supporting and a powerful occupation. These six occupations are in such a way conceived that they complement each other mutually and arrange common playing in Parties still more effective.

KAL-Online is a free MMORPG developed by InixSoft. "KAL" plunge us to the centres of a universe ofheroic-fantasy in an Asian decor and green regions.

The players gain levels while acquiering experience; with this intention they have several possibilities. Simplest consists in killing out of the monsters. After hard combat players will gain a level. Each new level makes it possible to increase the characteristics of the characters and its aptitudes. According to the gained experience of new searches will be freed. The realization of those brings back rewards.

These quests are fast to realize; on each level the player can have access to one or more of them. They often consist in killing a particular monster or seeking precise objects. The profit at the end of the mission is in general a profit of experiment.

Commonly called the "Vents" these searches constitute in some kinds the history of the play; it is thanks to them that the character will be able to evolve/move in the tree of the jobs.

An important point of the play is the presence of eggs: Each player can starting from the level fifteen achieve a quest which will enable him to obtain an egg which will provide him no-claims bonus with its characteristics. There are three types of different eggs.

The bird: ideal for the magicians, it increases the life, wisdom and the intelligence.
The panther: for the archers, it increases the life, the force and the agility.
The tiger: for the knights, it increases the life, the force and the agility.
Each egg starts on level 1. While killing out of the monsters or in the course of time the egg increases level. From level 11 it is possible to be transformed into the animal chosen initially. All the 10 level the animal will be different: thus on the level the 21 animal will grow and on level 31 it will have a more human appearance.

The Player counters player (Player versus player: PvP) makes it possible to players to clash; in the play several element make it possible to emphasize this system of play.

The players can if they it desire simply to make a duel. In this case if one of both dies, there is no loss of experience.

A merchant allows to supply himself in masks of assassins. A player will be able to then kill all the other players causing them a loss of experience but on another side him also will be able to be made attack by everyone and in the event of dead it will be likely to release one of the objects which it carries on him.

Every week the war of the castle takes place. All the guilds clash with an aim of obtaining the castle of Geum Oh. The alliance of the guild having the castle will have to defend it whereas the others are seen assailing. The possession of the castle makes it possible to choose the taxes in the merchants.

The characters of the play are characterized by the trade ("job") which they exert; three great families are visible:

Musa - Knight
Goong-Soo - Archer
Joo-Sool-its - Magician
After having chosen one of the characters, the players will evolve/move, with the wire of the levels according to a tree of jobs which will offer several orientations according to the style of required play.

Wondering Knight
Apprentice Knight
Swordsman vagrant - Directed attacks
God of Sword
To order - Directed Defense.

Wondering Archer
Apprentice Archer
Imperial To order - Directed PvP (Wars, Duels, Assassins) thanks to the curses
Imperial General
Expert Archer - Directed PvM
God of Bow

Literary Person
Hermit - Cause of the targeted important damage or on a zone
Chairperson of Joong-Bang - Specialist in art in the care and the blessings
Military Adviser
The first change of trade takes place on level 30, the second on level 50. The third as for him was not programmed yet but it should be carried out on level 70.

Background history:
Contrary to most Fantasy plays, whose Fantasy from the western culture and Mythology was developed, Kal on-line one offers to the players a new Style of Fantasy. Both the scenes of the Kal world and the history, which are obtained by the Quests, show a never dagewesene world: the eastern Fantasy.

The history of Kal on-line ones is based on an eastern mythology over the 74. War between the king hectar-Nin and its adversary Ban Go, which provoked the king with its Daemonenscharen (demons). As model for the eastern Fantasy Kal on-line one represents the eastern culture area. The play scenario is however pure fiction. If scenes or persons from the material world are to be seen, is this pure coincidence.

Leaving NARAEHA:

The sky and the country were created by Hanin and the nation Hwan was established in the east. Before 3,300 years were the nation of Hwan of the masters of the world and the king of Hwan Guhbalkhan developed the country Narahea, which extends over 12.000 miles of the north to the south and 5,000 miles from the east to the west.

The 14th King HANIN, which prevails over the sky.

As the 14. King Hanin the throne enters, the sky is again created. Since the nation their power is enough for duerren and civil wars under the rule GuhBalHans by lost, they were attacked permanently by enemies, particularly of the Tow and the Hwasan. They broke the peace agreement and attacked Nareha. The king Hanin was naturally very enraged about these attacks and released for his part his troops. The troops of Hanin attacked the army Hwasans and took in the battle of the same name hire-sang in. After this battle only the army remained of Tow. This army, although twice as largely as from Hanin, withdrew itself finally, since it did not arrive against ingenious tactics Hanins.

After end of the civil war Naraeha developed itself further very rapidly. They produced new steel weapons for the stabilization of national power and created more mobility by the building of tunnels and roads.

The Client and playing on the server are free. There is a Item Shop, into which one can add oneself Items special for material money, these are however necessarily for playing not compellingly. Over this Shop also the play finances itself. Straight one in higher Levels is to be able to further-play it however hardly possible without Items from this Item Shop meaningfully. It exists to acquire however the possibility this in the play from other players to or from other players over the KAL Shop than poison (gift) dispatches itself permits.
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