Christmas is once again knocking at our doors

Itís that time of the year again. Elves and fairies come out to play, Santaís frolic around in their jolly suits and beards. Time to decorate the tree and fill your Christmas stockings... But why would you want that when there are more dungeons to raid, more boss mobs to defeat, more phat lewt to grab, more opponents to mash into a bloody and barely recognizable pulp. Take advantage of the season's discounts and promotions and enjoy unlimited fun with your friends right here at VanGogh's Power-Gamers RPG Vault!

New additions to our Power-Gamers RPG Vault

The critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings Online (both USA and EUR versions) has made it into our RPG Vault along with many other MMORPGs including Gaia Online, Mu Online, Rappelz and Scions of Fate. Here at VanGogh's Power-Gamers Emporium, we take pride in going the extra mile to make your online journey completely pleasant and enjoyable. Happy Gaming!

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You can no longer buy any MMORPG currency, items or accounts on eBay but that's nothing to worry about! Right here at VanGogh's Power-Gamers RPG Vault all prices have just been hit with the Nerf Bat and suddenly lost weight! The current price list will last for a limited time! While others are raising prices, extending delivery times and running out of inventory, VanGogh's Power-Gamers RPG Vault is giving you More, Delivering it Faster and giving it to you for LESS Money. Simply select your favourite game from the list on the left and decide how much you want to buy. Buy more and SAVE more! Prices have been cut by up to 25% so Stock up Now and Save BIG. Take advantage and stock up before this amazing deal goes away!

eBay Bans Virtual Items!

The growing popularity of Massively Multiplayer games has brought the issue of ownership rights in virtual worlds, and the appropriateness of what is called real money transfer (RMT) into an increasingly public light. The well-known auction site eBay has recently made a policy decision that may throw these assumptions into a different light. Following up on a rumour that's been going around I spoke today with a media representative for the company, who confirmed that eBay is now delisting all auctions for 'virtual artifacts' from the site. Mr. Hani Durzy, speaking for eBay, explained that the decision to pull these items was due to the 'legal complexities' surrounding virtual property. "For the overall health of the marketplace" the company felt that the proper course of action, after considerable contemplation, was to ban the sale of these items outright. While he couldn't give me a specific date when the delistings began, he estimated that they've been coming down for about a month or so. Mr. Durzy pointed out that in reality, the company is just now following through with a pre-existing policy, as opposed to creating a new one.


New exclusive services like Power-Leveling and ready-made Accounts sales have been introduced for most of our games as well as new items added to our ever expanding list of covered online games like Anarchy Online, ArchLord, Dofus, MapleStory, SilkRoad, RuneScape, KAL Online, Last Chaos, Voyage Century and a brand new online RPG, the critically acclaimed Vanguard! Happy Gaming!


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New Articles Section!

New articles about the MMORPG world have been posted in their own section on the site as well as on our exclusive blog. Happy reading!

Autumn clean-up and re-stocking!

All games have been fully re-stocked on all servers and various things have been added, like accounts, items, guides, strategies, tips, tricks and powerleveling services. Start playing like a Power-Gamer now and enter VanGogh's Power-Gamers RPG Vault!

Power of Choice!

VanGogh's Power-Gamers RPG Vault has been working hard to provide you with a diversified array of choices including in-game currency, gold, platinum,  credits, accounts, items, guides, strategies, tips, tricks, powerleveling, cheats, exploits and more, covering the most successful MMORPGs currently released in order to satisfy your thirst for the ultimate gaming experience.
Feel free to choose from the multitude of available offers the one that fits best your needs and playing style.

Complete WebSite Overhaul
totally new look and feel!

The web site has been completely re-designed with a user-friendly interface and professional look to suit the fast growing pace of VanGogh's Power-Gamers RPG Vault!

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All Returning Customers will benefit from special bonuses and discounts on delivery! Everything for the gaming pleasure of our esteemed customers!

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All prices have been hit with the Nerf Bat and suddenly lost weight! The current price list will last for a limited time!

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