Auto Assault

Auto Assault is a massively multiplayer online game, developed by NetDevil and published by NCsoft. It combines vehicular combat with role-playing elements, allowing the player to explore a post-apocalyptic future in customizable cars, motorcycles, semis, and tanks. The player may choose one of three factions — Humans, Mutants, and Biomeks — and a class to determine the type of character he will play. The majority of the gameplay takes place in the vehicle, but the player leaves the vehicle when entering towns. Welcome to the post-apocalyptic highway, where thousands of drivers battle for survival in the Central Wastelands - all that is left of a place we once called Earth.

Auto Assault is centered on the history of a foreign attempt terraforming which soils the ground in the year 2030. People who came into contact with the spores of contamination were transferred and developed inhuman powers. The children of these people, when and if they had them, developed more changes than their initial parents. These people were avoided companies and came to be called the "mutants" by humans the "pure ones" and "changed" by their pars. Faintness civil wars followed which carried out to people preaching against the mutants. The Council of world, which was formed after the changes were recognized by the governments of the world, started to use the system of police force of TemperNet (TPS). The TPS were deployed most of the time in countries of the Third World where the contamination was more unrestrained than in the developed countries, although they were also deployed in the urban centres carrying out thereafter to a total deployment of the units of TPS. The units of TPS could act without human interposition to stop it Malayan civil in the majority of the cases with the mortal effectiveness. The mutants were interned in the camps and completely isolated from the general population. The mutants, however, could not be completely contained and the formed troops, to be identified by the camp of internment which they were held inside, which terrorized general population of the world. This carry out to the mutants forming their own countries and sovereignty based in the citadel which was surrounded by the hard states and the outside of desert the order of all the countries. The citadel was the only country which identified mutants as equal members of their population. The majority of the mutants managed to reach the citadel before the military forces surrounded it and stopped all the entry and exit of the new republic. However the military units were not going to be able to gain a war of the lightning, as soon as the units were embarked in the desert they suffered from the extreme climate and once weakened was attacked by troops of the mutants. This caused terrible losses in the military units. The units of TPS are proven dubious but a group called research placed Company de Hestia in combining the human central nervous system with mechanical increases. These units were more reliable than the units of TPS but could Malayan civil of motionless combat as well as the units of TPS, these half-human, units of half-machine became notorious as a 1st biomechanical battalion of robber. When BioMeks were presented they had great success to again lead the mutants in the citadel. The soldiers in the majority of the cases could not follow the step of the advance of BioMek and thus withdrawn from the sector completely or observed the advance of BioMek. The Council and Hestia Company of the world now estimated that the world was not in value the economy. The rate of contamination had caught up with the rate of recovery and with more ether of population dying or being transferred by foreigner contaminating the labour of the ground was severely exhausted. Hestia Company built several massive underground "arches" to contain thousands of people for an unknown quantity of time and took the cream of the human race in these arches. Almost during the night the best of the human race disappeared for the final solution. One weekend in the year the 2075 SOLUTION of GENESIS of expression of code was given to the thousands of families throughout the world and the whole actions of the worlds of the nuclear weapons (NBC), biological and chemical were deployed on the ground in an attempt at complete sterilization of the surface of the ground. Then above one century in the arches the human race suffered from the problems of surplus of health and many tightening and mental other problems. The board of directors of Hestia decided to begin the program of appearance and to come "upstream" to take again the ground. However they noted that the mutants and BioMeks were not destroyed because their former fathers had tried to make. Hestia also found the operation always of consultation international of Negotiables (Inc.) because they had when they had been formed even before Hestia Company had been. The 3 races arranged inside for drawn out of the war of the attrition, probing each others of the weaknesses and trying to exploit them. The Inc. was tended to the point of stop with the heavy losses all the sides and suggested a fire ceasing with each three race that all accepted. AprÀ?..s the discovery of the site of ground zero (GZ) by the Inc, all the factions arranged in a war of attrition above the site of GZ and the foreign trade of space which broke there. The three factions are not the only races which can be found in the automatic attack, although the others are not playable. The AI of police force of Tempernet of the system concluded that to stop it Malayan civil that the population of the whole world must be destroyed. There exists also the street sweepers of which the single goal is to survive the difficulties of the apocalyptic ground of post. There aren't many NPCs who survived.
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