RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game by British developer Jagex Limited, programmed in Java. With over 9 million active free players and 850,000 paying members, RuneScape is one of the top online games in the world. RuneScape offers both free and subscription content and is designed to be accessible from any location with an Internet connection and to run in an ordinary web browser without straining system resources.

The game proceeds in an imaginary universe in three dimensions, without objective or total goal, evoking a medieval universe strewn with fantastic objects. It would be well to specify that the graphics of this game are not fantastic, but nevertheless very appreciable. One made there quickly, and the new graphic achievements are astonishing. - the game is always in evolution, the development team ensures that it regularly adds new content bound for the players. The frequency as of the these additions is weekly and is carried out generally Tuesday between 12 and 16, Paris time.

The player can choose between several classes: magician, warrior or archer. It is also possible to be a character pertaining to 2 or 3 classes. Several activities are available as the mining, the exploitation, the cutting of wood, and cooking. The level of the player increases with the practice.

The system of progression of RuneScape is mainly based on competences of the character, which can be a general practitioner (to test all competences) or specialize with sweeping force in a field (what is called "pure").

RuneScape is a free game (no subscription is necessary to reach the servers). But can the players wishing it take out a subscription "premium" for approximately 4.60 euro per month (or 7,30$ can.) according to the mode of payment, giving access to a chart much vaster and contents much richer, with in particular the addition of 8 new competences, new quests and new weapons and armours. Note that the game contains 138 servers, 71 of them are free, the remainder requires to pay the subscription.

By convention, the players playing free are called f2p (free to play, in free access) and those profiting from a subscription are called p2p (pay to play, in paying access) or members.

RuneScape allows a personalization of the character whom incarnated by the player. This personalization is characterized by:

the name of the character, freely definite by the player; the appearance, created using predefined models, assembled ones with the others (face, hair, clothing standard, etc.); the sex of the character (male or female).
However, in spite of the presence of a certain number of different races in the play, the players can only incarnate one human character. (Man or Woman)

The players of RuneScape have the possibility of increasing in level their competence, of 1 with 99. Contrary to certain MMORPGs, the player is free to test all competences of the play with only one character.

The level of combat of a player varies between 3 (minimum level again entering) and 126, for the characters having level 99 in all its characteristics of combat (in other words 99 in attack, archer, defence, force, magic, not of life and prayer).

During the play, one can have only four characteristics on a player: its name, its level of combat, and the number of the world in which it is. However, certain players use the classification of the best scores of RuneScape to obtain a little more information on the high level players.

Contrary to other MMORPGs, RuneScape authorizes in the rule number 8 the possession of several accounts.

Rule 8

It is possible for you to create several accounts in RuneScape, but you should not at the same time connect you to more one, and to in no case they should not interact between them, including by "drop trading" (to release of an object on the ground so that another character recovers it) or any other method of transfer of objects.

Weapons & Armours
The weapons and armours of warrior are created starting from materials which, according to their types, confer a more or less large protection against the various types of attack. Weaker with most powerful one finds as follows:

Khazard, which is not in the form of ore or of metal bar
"Black" and "White"found by the intermediary quests or bought from a merchant.
Runite (the most powerful metal for the f2p)
(p2p) The Granite / The Obsidian (both resulting from the magma but differently used)
(p2p) The Dragon (Extremely expensive because of its scarcity, nonforgeable)
(p2p) Another category of armour is that of the armours of the "brothers barrows", available only for the p2p, extremely expensive because of their scarcity (these armours are obtained exceptionally in parts separated in the mini-play from the "barrows").
(p2p) It exists some parts of weapons or crystal armours (bows, shields and saws to date) which can be obtained by finishing a quest p2p.
To note that the armours of "barrows" and crystal wear, they thus should be repaired after a certain number of use.

The archers as for them are protected by armours in skin from dragon or leather:

Simple leather (Leather)
Hard leather (Leather Hardware)
Armed Leather (Studded Leather)
Skin of green dragon (Green Hide Dragon)
(p2p) Skin of blue dragon (Blue Hide Dragon)
(p2p) Skin of red dragon (Red Hide Dragon)
(p2p) Skin of black dragon (Black Hide Dragon)
(p2p) Skin of white dragon (Third Age)
(p2p) Karils armour (Armure of the one of the brother barrows).
Certain of these armours can be found in a form known as ' trimmed'. These armours are:

For the warriors: Armours in black/white, adamantite and rune
For the archers: The Leather Armed and skins with dragons (Blue/Red/Green)
For the magi: The dress of blue magus
There are various types of "trimmed":

(t): Trimmed: where more clearly, trimmed with same metal as the armour.
(g): Gold Trimmed: trimmed with gold.
(h): Heraldic: painted with a blazon (only for the Shield and the Helmets)
(s): Saradomin: trimmed with the colors of Saradomin God
(z): Zamorak: trimmed with the colors of Zamorak God
(g): Guthix: trimmed with the colors of Guthix God
It should be noted that a trimmed does not modify defensive capacities of the armours, that it is in no-claims bonus or malus, it is only beautiful.

RuneScape includes/understands in all 23 competences, each one being able to be improved, unquestionable being useful to others, directly or indirectly. At the beginning, all competences are to 1, except the points of life which are to 10. Some of these competences are only accessible that to the player having a subscription. Are those marked of one "(p2p)"

The attack (attack) makes it possible to improve the precision of the attack;
The force (strength) makes it possible to improve the damage of the attack;
Defense (defense) makes it possible to better avoid the attacks of the adversary;
The points of life (hitpoints) make it possible to hold the engagements longer;
The prayer (prayer) adds a personal no-claims bonus at the time of the engagements;
The shooting with the arc (ranged) makes it possible to the player to make more damage and to improve its precision with the bow;
The magic (magic) makes it possible to the player to launch magic attacks at the time of the engagements, but also to use capacities of teleportation and alchemy;
The manufacture of runes (runecrafting) is used to create runes necessary to the fates of the magicians;
(p2p) the agility (agility) makes it possible more quickly to recover energy necessary to run, but also to be able to use short cuts;
(p2p) herblore makes it possible to the player to manufacture various potions;
(p2p) thieving makes it possible to steal the characters of the game;
Manufacture (crafting) makes it possible to the player to create fabric armours, objects out of glass, potteries, etc;
(p2p) the manufacture of arrows (fletching) which makes it possible to manufacture its own arcs and arrows;
(p2p) slayer which makes it possible to kill certain types of monsters (the reward for the hunting of these monsters is generally good);
Minor (mining) allows to obtain materials necessary to the manufacture of the armours and the rune gasolines necessary the manufacture of the runes;
The trade of blacksmith (smithing) makes it possible to the player to refine the fragments recovered at the time of the mining to make bars of them and to manufacture weapons and armours with part of these bars;
Fishing (fishing) makes it possible to the player to fish;
Cooking (cooking) makes it possible to the player to cook various food making it possible to look after or increase temporarily the level of a competence (often accompanied by the temporary fall of the level of another competence);
The firemaking makes it possible to the player to light pieces of wood, of lanternes (p2p);
The trade of logger (woodcutting) makes it possible to cut various types of wood;
(p2p) agriculture (farming) makes it possible to the player to obtain various plants, in particular to make potions;
(p2p) construction (construction) to create and arrange its own house.
(p2p) hunting (hunter) to be able to drive out and capture various animals in the game.

The world of RuneScape comprises a broad range of monsters: one finds animals real (wolves, crododiles, bear), imaginary animals well known (unicorns, dragons, giants), races (elves, dwarves, gnomes) and especially of the monsters imagined by Jagex, they are most present in this game. Fighting them, the players progress in level and receive rewards.

Certain monsters, like the goblins, are very weak and thus accessible to players from low level. Other monsters as the dragons are powerful and can hold head with high level players.

Lastly, of the extremely powerful monsters, such as TzTok-Jad (monster the most powerful level 702). TzTok-Jad is well most powerful of the monsters of the game but: it can only be fought all alone, it does not release any object. It is a mini game. By killing it you become champion of Tzhaar and you obtain the cape of fire. It is extremely hard to kill, and it is necessary for that proud on a clear and precise guide. (see the sites of assistance for the guides).
Kalphite Queen becomes the most powerful monster then, having a level 333. It is frightening, because it is protected from the magic attacks and archers thanks to prayers from defense. It has, to make the business even harder, two forms. These attacks, energy of the magic, with body and the bow, are frightening.

Frightening, certainly, but it is this monster, most powerful disputable with several, which releases, with chance, the chains dragon (dragon chain), object being worth more than 15 million gold.

Note: It is actually very difficult to give the title of the most powerful monster to a monster. Obviously, TzTok Jad has the max hit and the largest level of the play, but one can only fight it alone. And King Black Dragon has a max hit higher than Kalphite Queen if the player does not carry an antifire shield. Also knowing that all protections of Kalphite Queen can be cancelled with the armour of the brother barrows Verac. There is thus officially no monster which has the title of the most powerful monster.

In general, the more powerful a monster is, the more the object which it will release will be expensive, also it is not rare to see groups being formed to attack these powerful monsters.

The ring of fortune (boxing ring of wealth) makes it possible to increase the chances to receive valuable articles on behalf of what the monsters throw.

Analysis of the map of RuneScape
The map of RuneScape (also called Gielinor) consists of several great parts, which are:

Kingdom of Kandarin: immense kingdom which has Ardougne, Yanille, the Bastion of the Gnomes, Relleka, and Street pedlar;
Kingdom of Asgarnia: region which has the town of Falador;
Kingdom of Misthalin: region which has Varrock and Lumbridge;
Desert kharidien: desert whose principal city is Al-Kharid;
Crandor: not civilized island where is the Elvrag dragon;
Entrana: island devoted to peace, where monks live;
Miscallenia: very poor island, unceasingly in war against its neighbors;
Atoll of the Monkeys: island entirely directed not monkeys;
Karamja: jungle whose principal city is the Village of Shilo;
Morytania: haunted marsh, Canifis, Mor' your and the Phasmatys Port constitute the only inhabited places;
Hills of Feldip: marshy hills where the ogres live;
Tirannwn: elfic forest, whose Prifddinas is the imposing city;
Wilderness: this place is presented in the paragraph below;
Zanaris: feeric lost city.
Area of sanguinesti: accessible vampire city leaves a boat;
In the free version of Runescape, the map is limited to the Kingdom of Asgarnia, with the Kingdom of Misthalin, Crandor, in Wilderness, like with an enclave in Karamja and the Desert kharidien.

In RuneScape, the character can complete several quests which allow him, once achieved, to gain points of experience to go up in level, to resolve new parts of the map, or to gain the harbour due new weapons, armours or objects. Lastly, certain quests make it possible even to the player to progress in a new competence.

The higher the length or the difficulty of the quest is, the more the reward is important. The difficulty of the quests is expressed by three parameters: the length in duration of the quest, level for its achievement and power of the enemies met. The achievement of these quests also give from 1 to 10 points of quests.

Runescape counts a total of 120 quests of which:

18 quests (f2p)
102 quests (p2p)
That is to say 233 points of quests.

Even if certain quests are isolated in the screen from the play, it is possible to build a tree of the quests detailing their sequence.

Jagex makes a new quest every week, but only for the members.


What a mini-game?
A mini-game in Runescape is a kind of challenge for the player, often fun, often very hard, the mini-games make it possible to even escape a little Runescape, but also to have very good rewards ( the Fire Wraps for example).
They are 27 of them for the moment, 1 f2p, the remainder only for the members. Here is the list:

Barbarian Assault
Blast Furnace
Brimhaven Agility Arena: Very good means of involving its agility, it is recommended to go there on the level 46+ in agility, because of the darts which can remove 2 points of agility. The goal is simple, to arrive has a ticket issuing machine, difficult?... Yes! It is an enormous course of obstacle and to arrive there it is necessary to choose the best road. The 1st distributor touched does not give anything, the 2nd gives a ticket, if one misses the 3rd one must touch another which does not give anything, etc... Average level to benefit from it a maximum and to go there with 26 cakes, and nothing on oneself, because one can miss the obstacles and from our life knowing that one eats a cake in 3 times and that each share gives 4 of life, one includes/understands the astuce. On share quickly when one wants (preferably before dying), and one exchange gained tickets:
Reward: 1 ticket = 240 exp / 10 = 2480 / 25=6500 / 100=28 000 and 1000 = 320 000!

Castle Wars
Champion' S Challenge
The Fishing Trawler
Games Room
Ball gnome
Restoring gnome
Arena Magus
Magus Arena Training
Pest Control
Pyramid Plunder
Ranging Minigame
Rat Pits
Rogues' Den
Rogue Trade
Shades of Mort' one
Sorceress' S Garden
Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup
Tears of Guthix: This mini-game is interesting because it gives you experience in your worse competence. To begin it it is necessary to finish the quest Tears Of Guthix. The goal of the game is very simple, you enter a small room and must recover the Tears of Guthix: Blue = +1 Green = -1 Nothing = 0. Of course a limited time ago, this one is based on your points of quests, 1 sec/point. At the end, you will gain experience according to the tears retireved (but there are also other complex calculations) which will be directly put in your worse competence.
Treaking Temple
Treasure Trails
Brewing Disorder
Hollow TzHaar Fight: Probably the hardest mini-game, it is necessary to fight of TzHaar during several waves, until the last, the 63rd, where TzTok Jad arrives, Level-702, hardest monster of the game, but which can be defeated. If you beat it, you will have the honor to be able to carry the fire wraps, 2nd best cape of the game.
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