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Silkroad is based on the history of trading in China along the Silk Road, a historical network of trade routes in Southern Asia. The game attempts to reproduce the Silk Road in a much smaller scale, looking realistic and at the same time incorporating fantasy elements such as the use of special magical skills and abilities. One of the game's most noted features is allowing players to choose three different job roles after their character achieves level 20.

Silkroad Online is an online Korean massively multi-player game published by Joymax. One can download the game on the official site (approximately 1.5 Gb) and be registered for free to create his player account. It is entirely in English.

Presentation of the game play:
Silkroad is a role-playing game in 3d person being played exclusively on Internet. As its name indicates it, it enables you to traverse the road of silk in the search of adventure. But, starting from these historical bases, the play develops a universe heroic fantasy which is a mixture of the Chinese cultures, Arab and European. One can thus use magic and fight fantastic monsters. The tree of competences are thus distributed:

Mastery of the Weapons:
Bicheon (sword),
Heuksal (lance),
Pacheon (arc)
Mastery of the Magic:
Cold (ice),
Fire (fire),
Lighting (the lightning)
Force (regeneration)
Once that the player reached level 20, it will be able to start to discover the panoply of the trades centered around the road of silk: Merchant (Trader), Robber (Thief) and Hunter (Hunter) who comprise all the three several levels of evolution. The Merchant, ridden on a horse or a camel (and to level 60 on an enormous ox), buys goods in a city then resells it in another by making benefit. The Robber plunders the Merchant and resells what it stole. The Hunter protects the caravan from the Merchant of the monsters and the Robbers.

Additional Information on the game play:
You can join a guild on any level. However, to create a guild you must meet the following conditions:

to be level 20.
to have 500 000 gold (gold coins).
A guild can have 5 levels, each one asking for each time of the money to pass from level and of the guild points (GP), each player of a guild brings GP to his guild while killing out of the monsters. It is important to note that the number of GP brought to its guild is in direct proportion with the number of Skill Points of the player. The more this last has some, higher will be the number of GP distributed to its guild at the time of each death of a monster. It should be known that no loss of SPs (Skill Points) or of points of experiment follows itself from there. GPs are automatically added without preliminary conversation.

Each level of guild can bring back no-claims bonus has the guild, a banner of guild, one of union, fates calling upon of the mercenaries....

The play being free, the community of players is numerous and to be sure of being able to connect itself to the servers, it is to better play the morning and the evening after 11 p.m..

For some time the lag is less and less present thanks to the made frequent improvements and of new servers are created, making the play increasingly pleasant.
Currently 15 servers are in place:

Oasis, Olympus, Greece, Venice, Babel, Aege, Athens, Xian, Troy, Alps, Tibet, RedSea, Rome, Sparta and Eldorado which is most recent.

To pay these servers, Joymax put on the sale of "Silk" which makes it possible to buy with real money of the objects "premiums" which cannot be collected on the monsters or be bought in the shops of the cities.

Among his premiums objects, one finds "Gold Ticket" which allows to double the quantity of points of experiment (XP) and points of competences (SP) acquired while combatant for one period given. One finds also small monkeys, squirrels or rabbits which, with the image of the caddies, run to collect what make fall the monsters when they are destroyed, saving an invaluable time with the players who do not have to take time any more to make the collecting.

Control: Keyboard, Mouse
System minimum: CCU: Pentium 3,800 MHz or more highly; RAM: 256 MT; Diagram: VGA 3D speed of over GeForce2; Sound: DirectX 9.0b Compatibility card; 2 GB fixed disks; Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP; Modem56k/ISDN (DSL recommended)
Media: 1 CD or Download of
Language: English

Information: Fantasy MMORPG from South Korea. The play is based with priority on the history of the silk road of China until Europe.
Silkroad on-line one is a Korean mass Multiplayer on-line game of roles (English massive Multiplayer on-line Roleplaying Game, briefly MMORPG), which thousands players play at the same time together over the InterNet. Silkroad on-line one is, just as Guild Wars, free of charge for the user, can however on the manufacturer side is besides free of charge downloaded. The play finances itself over a so-called Item Mall. In this players can buy against material money articles, which does not give to simplify the play process and it in such a way in the play to find. The play Client is among other things in English language held, so that it appears interesting for European players also. Also in Germany already a large number at Silkroad players with the first Fansites was.

The play principle:
Silkroad on-line one plays in a virtual world, which orients itself at East Asian and eastern cultures. First one begins to train and develop thereby its character further. This takes place over Quests or the simple fights against monsters. The development is indicated over level, which in the international version of 1 - 80 is enough (in the Korean version to 90). In addition so-called Skillpoints with their assistance one comes different abilities (e.g. handling weapons or charms) to learn and improve can.

Starting from level 20 players can learn an occupation. Here there is the selection between dealers (Trader), thieves (Thief) and hunters (Hunter). Dealers try to gain by the transport of goods between the cities gold while the primary task of thieves is to attack and out-rob dealers. Hunters again defend the dealers before thieves and other dangers, those on the commercial routes.

When on-line play conceives, the attraction of Silkroad on-line one lies particularly in the interaction with other players from the whole world. These can unite in Parties and deny so individual Quests together or together-do also in guilds over to be there together effective.

The play world:
Due to the topic over the silk road various possibilities were offered the enormous play world to the developers to arrange. These rich of large field, forest and meadow areas, river landscapes and Canyon over desert regions up to snow-covered mountain landscapes. The cities are held and by far roads connected, depending upon region, in an asiatic or Indian style. A Dungeon offers an interesting alternative to the external world for higher players, is however overcrowded due to missing instance often.

Changing daily and night times as well as rain and tempests up to snow in the ice regions provide additionally for a more realistic atmosphere.

Play variants:
With each Level-Up one can rig its character. Either its strength or intelligence. The more highly the strength, the more highly the health and the physical strength (attack and defense) of the character, the more highly intelligence, the more highly the points of magic (ManaPoints) and the magic strength (attack, protection against) the character.

Besides one has the choice between sword, blade, speer, lance or elbow; the Waffenskills Bicheon, Heuksal and Pacheon and the magic Skills ice, fire and lightning. Besides one has the possibility Skills with sound that effect of learning "Force".

The play offers the possibility own sales conditions to open and thus found or no more needed articles to other fellow players to sell or even which buy. The price of the goods of the players themselves can be determined, what gives its own economy to the play. This can vary depending upon supply and demand more or less strongly. In these sales conditions with the own currency gold, which can be found or earned in the play, is paid.

A further large occupation field offers the partially later introduced Alchemy system. Weapons, arms and Accessoires can be strengthened with special Elixirs and magic stones revaluations and these can be found in the play. Each player keeps thereby the possibility individual of creating high-quality equipment. The chances on a successful revaluations of these articles depends to the largest part of the own luck.

The financing:
Playing is completely free actually, because Silkroad on-line one becomes completely from Yahoo! sponsorship. Additional incomes exclusively take place via the Item Mall.

It is possible on various homepage to buy play gold with material money. This procedure is however illegal, which each player after registering with Silkroad should be conscious, and this (illegal) service day for day is nevertheless used.

Silk & ItemMall:
The ItemMall is an additional purchase possibility in the play, which can be called with the F10 key. In the ItemMall is there a quantity Items, which are to help the players; e.g. return roles, bags with welfare or Mana recovery, quivers with 10000 arrows (instead of the usual 250) and so on. Also to buy Items are to be changed around e.g. its stands or optically salient caps to be sat up. The developers call the internal play currency, with which one can buy in the ItemMall, Silk. Silk is not to be found in the play and can only on be bought. 1 Silk corresponds to 0.10 US $. Silk can by credit map or via PayPal be bought. As payment option for the European market Click&Buy is available.

The "Pets"
At present one can in addition-get oneself for support in the play four different "Pets" to its character. These are:

The ape
The squirrel
The hare
The wolf (grey or knows)
However it is only possible an ape to swear to a squirrel or a hare. All three animals have the same use, it look only different.

The wolf can be acquired in the ItemMall for 130 Silk or in the play with the NPC Pferdehaendler for one million gold. To recognize are both wolves at their different colour, whereby the wolf bought in the play possesses a grey, and the ItemMall wolf a white skin. In contrast to the ape and the squirrel there is no temporal delimitation of one month with the wolf.

The wolf accompanies the player and helps it when fighting. For this the wolf has its own life energy, which is independent of that of the player. This sinks on zero, dies the wolf and can with the help of a so-called "Grass OF Life" again to the life be aroused. If the player dies, then the wolf can survive with the punctual Teleport into the city, according to whether the monster killed it now or not. Additionally the wolf must be fed occasionally. The hunger condition is likewise indicated by a status border. The wolf develops independently of player level, grows and becomes stronger; however it is not possible for it to achieve a higher level than its owner.

The international version of Silkroad on-line one, held in English language, differs from the original, Korean version. Thus characters in latter level 90 can already reach, it give more regions and Dungeon, as well as new opponents, additional Items and some aspects of the play run meanwhile also differently, e.g. the job system. In addition the playable characters were censored; in the Korean version these are partially unbekleidet without equipment, which was changed for the international market.

Joymax strives to update and on the conditions of the Korean bring the English version gradually. In May 2006 e.g. the Guilds system was revised and added in June new Alchemy function, an extended interface, new Pets and an enlargement of the inventory in a larger update. The Guilds update appeared in September. Depending upon the level of the gilde Logos before the gilden and/or union names can be bought be provided, mercenaries for fights against disliked gilden and be provided ranks within the guild in the form of name additives behind the Guild names, visible for all players. For all these points must be used gold and in the play received Guild points (GP). Beyond that Skill points can be converted into Guild points.

At present Joymax operates sixteen servers: Xian, Aege, Troy, Babel, Athens, Oasis, Venice, Greece, Alps, Olympus, Tibet, talk Sea, Rome, Sparta, Eldorado and Pacific - arranged according to age. Alps and Olympus were added in July 2006, after Greece was only opened in May. Tibet was opened on 24 August. On 22 September the twelfth server should talks Sea to the net to go, but the Launch was shifted on indefinite time. It went finally on 26 September on-line. On 12 October the server Rome was added, on 02 November of the servers Sparta and on 29 November of the servers Eldorado. The newest server should be opened to stability problems all servers on 05 December with the name Pacific, of its Launch however due to many was shifted (after Silkroad standard time (= South Korean time belt)).

The permanent increase in servers is probably to be due to the rising user numbers and above all also to Lags, which arose after the last updates. Each server has an estimated volume from 3000 to 4000 Slots.
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